How to write essay examples

The learning process in schools, colleges and universities is quite complicated, but if you put in a little effort, you can overcome all the difficulties. Students are faced with a huge number of different tasks, and a moment comes when the question arises: how to write a good essay?

It is worth noting immediately that there are a huge number of different types of essays, but they are all written on the same principle.

First you need to analyze the topic of the essay and understand the main question you need to answer. If this is an essay on the book, then you need to analyze it and highlight the main thoughts of the author.

Well, if you can find in the text of the sentence, where the author himself expresses his point of view. If not, you need to do it yourself. The problem is better formulated in the form of a question that you put to the read text. The problem (the main question) is desirable to name in the first paragraph of the essay. Or: “In this story, the author writes about his school friend. Why is the same person capable of a wonderful act and meanness? Here is the problem raised by the author in the text. ”

It is also important to determine the position of the author of the text in relation to this issue. What does the author – regrets, argues or convinces? Do you agree with the position of the author? Why? Do not forget to set an example in literature or from your personal life, where a similar problem occurred and how it was solved. If you do not remember any such example, then create your own. Prove that it is this example that convincingly expresses your agreement (disagreement) with the author’s position on this issue. You can recall or come up with a few examples. In conclusion, you need to write a final judgment about the problems, the text, the author.

Always start writing your essay with a draft and a rough plan.

This will help you make your essay structured and easy to read. And to make sure that your essay is of good quality, ask someone close to check it out. Or ask for help on a special site where professional writers will not only check your essay for errors, but also will show you examples how to write essay, and if necessary write an essay for you on any topic and any volume as soon as possible.